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Organic Vanilla Cardamom

Organic Vanilla Cardamom

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Organic Vanilla Cardamom

Our Cardamom Vanilla black tea gets its fantastic flavor from freshly ground whole cardamom pods. We start with an organic, whole-leaf Assam black tea as the base and blend in organic cardamom pods and a touch of creamy vanilla. It’s a truly unique blend and a customer favorite.

Contains Caffeine


Organic Black Tea, Organic Oolong, Organic Vanilla Cardamom & Natural Flavors


Drink 1-4 cups daily as desired. Bring water to a rolling boil. Use approx. 1 tsp of tea leaves for 8 oz water. Pour water over tea leaves. Do not boil botanicals when making tea. Steep 5 - 20 minutes. Strain, Sip, Love & Shalom. 

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